Keto Almond Cake Box
Keto Almond Cake Box
Keto Almond Cake Box
Keto Almond Cake Box

Keto Almond Cake Box

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Keto Almond Cake Box



🍵MATCHA -  matcha almond cake, vanilla and matcha whipped cream
🥥COCONUT -  vanilla almond cake, coconut whipped cream and coconut flour 
🍓STRAWBERRY - vanilla almond cake, vanilla whipped cream and fresh strawberries
🍫CHOCOLATE -  chocolate almond cake, vanilla and chocolate whipped cream

Made with almond flour and erythritol instead of wheat flour and regular sugar, these keto cake boxes are not only delicious but low in calories.

Using all Premium Organic Matcha and Cocoa Powder. 

Diabetic and health friendly without sacrificing the flavors of a tasty cake.

If you're on a Keto diet, watching your weight, or just want something tasty, this is the cake box for you.

Everything you love in a cake without the guilt!


* Erythritol is a sugar substitute with zero calories. You can enjoy the sweetness and deliciousness of this cake without the added calories traditionally present in regular sugar.